Monday, 25 February 2008

Calories In Wine

The Press Democrat has reported that the federal government in the USA are proposing new labelling rules aimed at helping consumers know exactly how much alcohol, calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein are in wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Wine is a foodstuff after all and I am all for labelling so that you know exactly what is in your bottle and where it was made but sometimes this Nanny attitude goes over the top. Two of the four required statistics – fat and protein – will always be zero!

There is more than meets the eye to this as smaller wine makers will be hit by the expensive laboratory tests needed to calculate the exact amounts in the wines. The tests cost around $250 each. The Wine Institute has suggested that estimates of typical nutritional values could be put on the labels as a way around this problem.

Here is a rough guide to the calories in drinks - it can vary as it depends on the product and the volume of alcohol. 25ml is the smallest shot for spirits and 125ml is a small glass of wine.

Beers and Cider
Bitter 1 pint 182
Stout 1 pint 210
Pale Ale 1 pint 182
Lager 1 pint 170
Sweet Cider 1 pint 220
Dry Cider 1 pint 190

Whiskey 25ml 55
Gin 25ml 55
Brandy 25ml 55
Rum 25ml 55
Vodka 25ml 55
Pernod 25ml 35
Tia Maria 25ml 39
Bacardi 25ml 55
Malibu 25ml 51
Baileys 25ml 87
Drambuie 25ml 46
Martini 25ml 44
Port 25ml 40
Southern Comfort 25ml 46

Dry Sherry 25ml 28
Medium Sherry 25ml 30
Sweet Sherry 25ml 35

Wine and Champagne

Champagne 125ml 95
Sparkling Wine 125ml 95
Red Wine 125ml 85
Rosé 125ml 89
Dry White Wine 125ml 83
Medium White Wine 125ml 94
Sweet White Wine 125ml 118

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