Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Wine Women Want

The gender-centric seal Certified Wine Women Want might appear in stores, showcasing the winners of the first National Women's Wine Competition in Santa Rosa. Women for WineSense, established in 1990 to promote moderate wine consumption, organised the national competition last year, where 30 female judges sampled 1,500 wines from over 30 states.

"Women no longer have to be guided by rating systems that are almost universally male-determined," said Lea Pierce, a WWS national board member. "This is an important thing, and it's not about political feminism. There is a body of research that may or may not indicate that women's palates are physiologically different than men's... it is undeniable that most women use wine very differently than men."

English writer and Master of Wine Jancis Robinson, one of the world's best-known wine journalists, recently pointed out that according to anecdotal evidence women have more sensitive palates than men, a more open approach to wine and are more receptive to less established varietals.

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