Friday, 11 January 2008

Wine That Loves Food has spotted a range of wines that are being marketed specifically to accompany food. Food-and-wine matching can be a mystifying experience, as evidenced by the multitude of books, courses and videos that try to explain the basic concepts. This is funny as I thought the French had been matching food and wine for generations! Nick and I always try to marry the wine with the food and frequently recommend good wines to go with good food on our Recipes pages.

The Amazing Food Wine Company's "Wine That Loves" collection ( has ultra-simple label imagery which leaves no room for food-matching error. Each wine has been blended for its affinity with a common food item, under the supervision of Ralph Hersom, who was the sommelier at Sirio Maccioni's Le Cirque 2000 for the entirety of its seven-year run.

The company's first three offerings, "Wine That Loves Roasted Chicken," "Wine That Loves Pizza" and "Wine That Loves Pasta in Tomato Sauce" were designed in response to market research that suggested these are the three most-commonly consumed meals in the United States.

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