Monday, 14 January 2008

Wearing Your Wine

Fashion gurus have clicked on to the fact that as a perfume can indicate what kind of person you are (or what kind of person you would like people to think you are); you can also embody the favourite characteristics of the wines you love. (Mmmn, I feel like a sexy Shiraz today – or maybe a precocious Pinot Noir. . .)

Leslie Sbrocco’s book Wine for Women: a Guide to Buying, Pairing and Sharing Wine, (New York: Morrow Cookbooks) empowers women with basic wine knowledge, using wardrobe essentials as a backdrop, to understand the different wine varieties and styles. Comparing a glass of Washington Syrah to a red-hot crimson scarf may sound unusual, but it's helping demystify wine in a way that makes sense to many of its biggest fan.

In fact the Seaweed Café in Bodega Bay, Sonoma County went one step further than this. Working with friends at Merry Edwards Wines the Seaweed Café held a premiere event as part of the Seaweed Café's Wine Release Program, where "West of 101" wines are introduced. Models wore designer dresses specially chosen to represent the wines that were being showcased. Each model “personalized” the course as well as the wine.

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