Monday, 14 January 2008

Teri Hatcher Bathes in Red Wine

If you want to look like you just stepped out of the cover of Vogue or Vanity Fair then The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets is the answer to all your beauty queries. Kym Douglas, host of the Lifetime makeover show "Queen," and celebrity journalist Cindy Pearlman, have put together the book, which will have the secrets of Hollywood's most beautiful women.

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher bathes in wine for a glowing skin. The polyphenols found in grapes jump-start circulation to reveal healthier glowing softer skin. The book advises, pour one cup of red wine (don't worry about stains on skin or tub) into a warm bath, put a few rose petals on top, jump in, and stay for 20 minutes. Teri Hatcher uses old wine and lets the sediments sink to the bottom of the tub. "I scoop them up in the tub and use them as an exfoliant. The only bad thing is you can't drink the whole bottle of wine," she says.

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