Thursday, 10 January 2008

Tea Flavoured Cognac

I must admit that on a cold winter’s morning I have added a splash of whisky to my tea but I have never contemplated it the other way round!

So-Yang ( is a newly launched drink that is a blend of the eau de vie Cognac and Green Tea. It was originally created by a French woman in her kitchen in Cognac. It’s producers claim that:

“it reflects the qualities of a modern, creative woman and its packaging will appeal to her, fitting perfectly into her elegant world and seducing her with the lightness of its perfume and taste”.

It is served it as a refreshing drink or aperitif, simply on some ice cubes. It’s light, refreshing and pleasingly aromatic – an elegant mix of cognac and tea aromas, mixed with a hint of citrus and peaches.

Green Tea has a history going back over 5000 years and was initally used as an offering and as medicine in China. Buddhist monks started growing it around monasteries. The monks introduced tea to Japan in the 6th Century and later in the 16th Century a Portuguese missionary introduced it to Europe. There began the history of Tea as an international drink.

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