Monday, 7 January 2008

Romance and the Vine

I don’t know why vineyards are such romantic places – they just are . . . maybe it’s the sunshine and the slow ripening of the grapes or the nostalgic way of life involving men and the soil toiling together to make wine. Wine itself is romantic – you don’t get a pluck at the heart strings over a field of potatoes do you?

The latest gift to say that you love some one has utilised our love of the grape - is offering the ultimate present for your beloved – owning your own row of vines from £75.00.

They have 3 vineyards in France and 1 in Tuscany in which you can rent a row of vines and follow the grape’s journey from vine to bottle. All are individual, family run vineyards, producing distinctive wines with great care. Renting a row of vines with WineShare not only helps them support the vineyards, it gives you access to some lovely wines which you won't see in retail, and which offer everything that mass-produced wines do not.

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