Thursday, 10 January 2008

Recycling - With a Difference

What do you do with antiquated farm machinery when it is put out to pasture? In particular what would you do with an ancient grape harvester? Turn it into a Paddle Boat?

That’s exactly what a clever horticulturalist John Mason at Nangiloc, Australia has done. His 22 metre paddle boat was launched a few weeks ago but not in traditional fashion; instead of breaking a bottle of champagne on the bow, they smashed a bright, juicy water melon!

It's the ultimate in industrial recycling and a testament to John Mason's ingenuity that he saw such great potential in the old machinery.

The paddleboat has been named the Iraak, in honour of the place where John spent his youth, and he intends to spend a good portion of his remaining years keeping the old grape harvester working in this somewhat more relaxing incarnation.

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