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The Pros and Cons of Drinking Wine When Pregnant

The Greeks were the first to write about food that satisfied nutritional needs. During the middle of the 7th century, Paul of Aegina wrote several medical books that mentioned foods that had definite nutritional purpose. One of his recommendations was that pregnant women should drink red wine. Today's modern medicine does not agree with him – or does it?

Daniel Rogov’s article Wine and Pregnancy – Lies That Women Are Told is the most comprehensive and intelligent I have found.

According to Rogov a great deal of recent research and a re-examination of the alcohol-pregnancy issue show that there is no conclusive evidence to demonstrate that moderate drinking during pregnancy can harm the foetus:

Lipp and Whitten, whose "To Your Health" was published in 1995, are among an increasing number of doctors and researchers who feel that pregnant women have no reason to fear drinking a glass of wine every day. Indeed there is even new research that shows that moderate drinking during pregnancy may actually help the development of the child after birth.

Some studies go as far as to indicate that light to moderate drinking may actually improve the chance of successful pregnancies. A study by Ruth Little and Clarence Weinberg concluded, for example, that there were fewer stillbirths and fewer losses of foetus due to early labour among women who consumed a moderate level of alcohol.

Israeli gynaecologist-researcher Howard Carp feels that “an occasional glass of wine or any other drink is fine, no problem at all, and those women who drink a glass of wine once or twice a week with their meals should not feel any guilt or fear at all." Like Dr. Carp, Dr. Direnfeld acknowledges the harm of drinking in excess but feels that "a reasonable amount of alcohol, say a glass of wine per day, will not harm the baby."

At the end of the day it’s down to personal choice – and as Jancis Robinson has pointed out: women are capable of choosing for themselves.

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