Monday, 21 January 2008

Posh Playstations and Wine Mobile Phones

Champagne has always been a symbol of luxury – and Bordeaux wines represent sophistication.

Well – it stands to reason they are not going to name a “must have” fashion dictated product after an alco-pop are they?Sony has succumbed to the bling factor and has issued a limited edition PSP in a new Champagne Gold colour. The newly revealed PSP is set to become highly collectable.

The latest in LG's increasingly curiously named range of handsets is the 'Wine Phone' (I'm guessing because of the colour – it also comes in red – not because you can trample it with your feet and get sloshed on the juices).

The Wine Phone made its debut last week in Korea for just 300,000 KRW (£162) with an inevitable global launch to follow.

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