Monday, 7 January 2008

New Drinks - New Fads

Since Hpnotiq’s launch in the USA in 2004, it has grown to become the 4th largest selling liqueur in America. The drink has developed a massive celebrity following (Kevin Costner and Paris Hilton to name a few) and is regularly featured in leading style magazines, television programmes and celebrity parties.

It’s a blend of Vodka, Cognac and tropical fruit juices – and it’s a rather revolting aquamarine blue. How it gets its blue colour is apparently a trade secret (let’s hope it’s a natural process and is not bouncing with e numbers).

Liqueurs that contain antioxidants seem to be all the rage nowadays, as distillers make everything from pomegranate to Acai Liqueur. Veev is a 60 proof white spirit that is made from the acai fruit from Brazil. It also contains other antioxidant-containing fruits such as acerola cherry and prickly pear.

One dollar per bottle is donated to green initiatives such as the Rainforest Action Network and Sambazon's Sustainable Acai Project. The company also have their sales force drive Toyota Priuses, use soy ink and sustainable packaging for the product, and recycled materials in the office whenever possible.

Another contender for the antioxidant band wagon is
is Domaine Charbay Green Tea Vodka. Charbay are a small, family run, micro-distillers who run The Still on the Hill in Napa, USA. The Vodka took 5 years to create and is made from rare first-growth green tea from the Anhwei Province, a prime growing region along China’s fabled Silk Route.

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