Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Marks & Spencer Launch Pink Port for Women

The Telegraph has reported that Marks & Spencer are launching a vibrant pink coloured port described as a world first specially created to appeal to women. The soaring demand for rosé wine inspired the port and it is created by taking only a small amount of colour from the skins of grapes which grow in Portugal's Douro Valley.

Sue Daniels, the chain's port specialist, said: "Some people wrongly think port is the preserve of men but we have created a drink which will appeal to women because it is light and flavoursome."

However, Guy Woodward, the editor of the wine magazine Decanter, was unimpressed, describing the flavour as more like vodka and cranberry juice than a typical port. Decanter was also concerned as the pink port is “worrying close to the alco pop market”.

Hasn't M&S heard of white port? – it's delicious when drunk chilled with a side dish of olives!

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