Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Horseshoe Wine Racks

Binef Horse Farm offers horseshoe wine racks and single bottle holders from Turkey. So you can store your wine and benefit from good luck all in one! Binef Horse Farm is situated in the town of Duzce with its thermal spas between Istanbul and Ankara near the Black Sea.

Horseshoes are considered a good luck charm in many cultures - a common tradition is that if a horseshoe is hung on a door with the two ends pointing up then good luck will occur. However, if the two ends point downwards then bad luck will occur.

One reputed origin of the tradition of lucky horseshoes is the story of Saint Dunstan and the Devil. Dunstan (who became the Archbishop of Canterbury in AD 959) was a blacksmith by trade. The story relates that he once nailed a horseshoe to the Devil's hoof when he was asked to re shoe the Devil's horse. This caused the Devil great pain, and Dunstan only agreed to remove the shoe and release the Devil after the Devil promised never to enter a place where a horseshoe is hung over the door.

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