Monday, 14 January 2008

The Green Fairy - Absinthe Perfume

Absinthe has been growing in popularity and following the same trend Le Parfum d’Interdits has produced Absolument, an eau de parfum made from Absinthe.

Apparently “the soft herbal notes of unburned cannabis (yes, you read that right) and absinthe, an illicit brew long outlawed in several parts of the world, are blended together with 49 other ingredients to create a soft skin scent that changes dramatically depending on the wearer. Male or female doesn’t make a difference, it’s your individual skin chemistry that claims this perfume as your own totally personal fragrance and one that you’ll reach for, time and time again—you’ll never know what to expect!”

If you are interested in Absinthe check out Alan Moss' RealAbsinthe Blog.

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