Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Grapple

Not an inspiring name I know, but the Grapple is a new fruit which is an apple infused with grape. It's not a GM fruit – thank heavens – nor is it the offspring of crossing both plants – which, incidentally, produced the grapefruit by the crossing of a pomelo fruit from the East Indies with a Jamaican orange in 1693, the nectarine which is the result of natural crossing of the peach and the plum and the loganberry which was the result of interbreeding blackberries with a raspberry by Judge J H Logan in California in the 1880s.

The Grapple was patented in Washington state, nick-named apple country in the US, by a family of growers who have experimented with apple breeds for the past 98 years. Using a secret process, mature examples of the Washington State Extra Fancy Fuji apple are immersed for several days in a marinade which transforms their flavour to that of a Concord grape.

Apparently the soaking in grape juice permeates the fruit's skin but leaves the crisp texture intact. Some reports have said that the taste is overly sweet.

Other fruits hybridised in the USA are the peacharine (a cross between the nectarine and a plum),

the pluot (a cross between a plum and an apricot),

a plumcot (a similar cross but with less of the plum in its parentage)

and the aprium (more apricot than plum and bigger and yellower than the plumcot).

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