Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Fashion Colours for Spring 2008

Following the Fashion Weeks in London, Paris and New York Pantone have released the colours for Spring 2008. The trend continues the classic, old world colours that remind me so much of Bordeaux style. Wine themes played a part last Spring with Grape Mist being very fashionable and with Purple Wine continuing the trend in the Autumn.

Glitzy Silver Gray is back with a sheen reminiscent of the popular metallics that made such a splash this year and the deep pink undertones of Spring Crocus make it among the prettiest, most wearable purples.

According to the report, the Spring '08 palette is defined by classic, versatile neutrals punctuated by splashes of invigorating bright colours which explore new and creative ways to combine shades:

"Variations on popular colours such as energizing red, cool, water-borne blue and eco-friendly green also play a key role this season.

Vibrant Snorkel Blue is a favourite among designers and replaces the dependable navy, but with more animation and sophistication. Warm, cheerful Freesia is an uplifting and inviting colour to which people are instinctively drawn. It is also a colour that allows for diverse accessorizing opportunities in jewellery and shoes. Brighter reds are consistent favourites in spring, and provocative Rococco Red is an exciting, attention-getting classic. The deep pink undertones of flowery Spring Crocus make it among the prettiest, most wearable purples.

Revitalizing Daiquiri Green, a brighter version of the popular earth tone yellow-greens naturally associated with eco-awareness, is a refreshing complement to the coolness of Pink Mist. This delicate, subtle pink with blue undertones pairs perfectly with any colour in the palette for a feminine look. Against neutrals, luscious Cantaloupe is warm and nurturing - a great addition to any wardrobe, especially when paired with chocolate browns.

With its beautiful undertones, Croissant is a delicious base for Spring's more exciting accents. Trans seasonal Golden Olive is another distinctive staple and tasteful accompaniment to Spring 2008's newest shades.”

Golden Olive-------------Spring Crocus

Rococco Red-------------Pink Mist ---Roc

Croissant----------------- Freesia------------

Cantaloupe---------------Daquiri Green

Silver Gray--------- -------Snorkel Blue

Images Courtesy of www.flickr.com

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