Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Blanche d'Armagnac

A new appellation called Blanche d'Armagnac has been created to incorporate White Armagnac – an unaged eau de vie which producers hope will modernise Armagnac's image and compete with the likes of vodka.

Apparently vintage Armagnac is in short supply due in part to increasing demand from new markets such as Russia. Sébastien Lacroix, director of the Bureau National Inter-professionnel de l'Armagnac, said:

"Blanche will bring real originality and freshness in the setting of a huge explosion of white spirits. We are the first white eau de vie to gain an appellation. But above all, while our colleagues are aiming for the most neutral character possible through increasing the number of distillations, we are doing the opposite in trying to give Blanche real character."

White Armagnac is not a new concept – it's been traditionally drunk in Armagnac in the middle of a Gascon meal as a palate cleanser and is known as “Trou Gascon”. However the first available White Armagnac in the UK is called Gascon Kiss and looks as if it is being marketed at female drinkers.

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