Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bilk – Beer With Milk

A Japanese Brewery has created “Bilk” - a combination of beer and milk, after the drink was suggested as a product that would help use up surplus milk. It reportedly has a fruity flavour that its brewers hope will be popular among women.

The idea for the drink was conceived after dairy firms threw out a huge amount of surplus milk and the son of the manager of a liquor store in Nakashibetsu, whose main industry is dairy farming, suggested the idea of producing the milk beer to local brewery Abashiri Beer.

Since one-third of the drink is milk, the drink has been viewed as a good way to use up milk in the town. As milk has a low boiling point, the brewery made sure to control the temperature during the process so the milk wouldn't boil over. After they added beer yeast and hops and began the fermentation process, the beverage looked and smelled like tea with milk. However, when fermentation was finished and the drink cooled, it had the same colour as beer.

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Anonymous said...

this brewery also has "blue", "green" and "red" beer. The blue beer is made from water from icebergs