Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Aspall's Make Cider Aimed at Women

Aspall, makers of super premium Aspall Suffolk Cider, has launched a new pink cider to try and capitalise on the increasing popularity of rosé wine and encourage more women into the cider category. It targets 18-45 year old women.

Perronelle’s Blush is a blended cider made from fresh pressed English apple juice, which is then re-blended with Crème de Mur blackberry liqueur to obtain a blackberry and apple pie flavour, according to the company.

Aspall director, Barry Chevallier Guild, says: “The cider market is booming and more and more consumers who wouldn’t have chosen cider before are now giving it a try.

‘Most of the ciders on the market now are premium mainstream products which tend to be served over ice and appeal largely to male consumers. Our research has identified a specific gap in the market for a sophisticated premium cider to introduce women to the category and target the top end of the market place.”

It is available in a 500ml bottle, and has an abv of 5.4%. The large bottle size suggests the company wants consumers to drink the cider as they would a bottle of wine.

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