Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Preparing for Christmas - Dishes to Make in Advance - Brandy and Rum Butters

Brandy Butter

This is the traditional accompaniment to Christmas Pudding but it is equally delicious with mince pies. It can keep for a long time in the fridge but freezes well too.

175g butter
6 tbsp brandy
175g soft brown sugar

Blend the butter and the brown sugar together either in a blender or by hand. Once it is a smooth paste add the brandy a little at a time whilst beating continuously.

Cumberland Rum Butter

I actually prefer this to Brandy Butter – it is an old fashioned recipe from the Lake District. The ports of the Cumbrian coasts were very active in the Rum and spice trade, which has led to the popularity of these ingredients in Cumbrian cooking.

227g butter
450g barbados sugar (soft brown sugar)
1 glass rum
½ grated nutmeg

Melt the butter gently and stir in the sugar, rum and nutmeg. Pour it into a bowl and leave it to set.

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