Thursday, 13 December 2007

The Mystic World of Gemstones and Wine

Dijon Natural History Museum is hosting Éclats de Couleurs – Pierres et Vins de Légende (Flashes of Colour – Gemstones and Wines of Legend) this December. This unusual exhibition explores the link between precious stones and wine. It sounds fascinating and is well worth a visit.

Staged at the Parc de l’Arquebuse you can handle instruments both old and new and come to understand the characteristics of minerals and the colour of wines. Especially exciting for wine buffs a palette of colours will enable the comparison between the colours of gemstones with the great wine appellations.

One of the exhibitors is Didier Michel, a painter, sculptor and chromatician who transfers what he see and feels in wine into his work. He transcribes scents into colours and emotions into shapes. To do this he develops a colour chart in which over 700 aromas find their corresponding colour. His sculptures are on a polychrome cork-oak support where the size and shape are transformed into the experience of wine.

Paintings by Joyce Delimata depict the moment when wine is born. To capture it she uses a sponge soaked in acrylic paint and an oil colour glaze to transfix the movement and vitality. The round shape, reminiscent of the wine barrel, the grape, the Earth and the idea of constant renewal are echoed in her work by the use of barrels and circular canvases as backcloths for her works.

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