Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Merlove - The Next Wine Film

Rudy McClain is raising funds to underwrite the production of a full-length documentary, titled Merlove, which will consist of substantive interviews with Merlot winemakers both in California and Bordeaux and other locations. The movie will also include an animated bottle of Merlot as a leitmotif; the bottle, named Merlove, tries to regain its distinctive place in the world.

McClain is seeking financial backing to produce the film. Already scheduled is a trip to Bordeaux in November for filming and McClain has been filming French and Napa Valley winemakers since December 2006, including Jean-Claude Berrouet of Chateau Petrus, Chris Phelps of Swanson Vineyards, Tom Rinaldi of Provenance, Larry Stone of Rubicon, Hamilton Nicholson of Kelham Vineyards, Kirk Venge of Venge Vineyards and Andy Beckstoffer of Beckstoffer Vineyards.

McCain says that:

Merlot is an intriguing grape varietal. Its past, present and future are of great interest to all of us who love great wine. “As a wine, it holds the key to bottled poetry. Passionate winemakers, in tune with terroir, translate their love for the varietal into some of the best wines in the world.”

An additional element of McClain’s program for building more enthusiasm for Merlot is a series of specialized Merlot tours: currently on one can find a Merlot-specific Napa Valley itinerary of Swanson, Provenance, Kelham and Venge. Soon to come will be one for Bordeaux.

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merlove said...


This is Rudy McClain the director of Merlove. We've just returned from St. Emilion, France where we filmed at many of the top producers of Merlot including Petrus (Pomerol), Cheval Blanc and Ausone. One of my new favorite wines is Valendraud (Jean-Luc Thunevin).

We met many interesting characters and discovered life-changing wines. I'm loading the footage into the editing machine as of this posting and will update the website over the next few weeks with images and videos.

Feel the love... Merlove!