Monday, 17 December 2007

Knowing Your Wines Increases Your Sex Appeal

Wine knowledge makes you sexier according to They have spotted a report by the The Australian Wine Bureau and, the global leader in online dating which released key findings from their recently commissioned Zoomerang survey of single Americans. The report reveals their attitudes, perceptions and preferences toward wine and romance. polled more than 2,300 single men and women nationwide and found that 62% believe that their date's choice of beverage provides insight into their lifestyle, and 52% felt that it is indicative of their personality.

"A lot of what we understand about a person is communicated non-verbally," explains dating expert, Kristin Kelly. "People often make quick assumptions based on how they've interpreted these non-verbal cues, and our research confirms that the type of beverage we choose is no exception to this rule."

More than seven in 10 survey respondents (72%) agreed that knowledge about wine makes a member of the opposite sex more attractive.

Now that is food for thought isn’t it?

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