Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Is Wine the New Perfume?

Almost all fashion labels have a cosmetics line. In their quest for hidden markets wine scented perfumes have been hitting the glassy counters of top emporiums with a vengance. is offering us Tauleto DiVino perfume which is an eau de toilette created from the natural essences of a wine, more specifically from the rounded, red Tauleto, a quality Sangiovese produced by Umberto Cesari, in the warm, clay vineyards of Castel San Pietro. The wine produces a complex bouquet of notes dominated by red fruits and purple flowers. From this comes the deep yet delicate scent of the Tauleto perfume, in which you can detect grapes, oranges and tangerines, above hints of rose, magnolia and violet, on base notes of liquorice, musk and humus. It costs around € 80.00.

The French perfumer Cava Parfums, has launched its own line of viniferous fragrances called Château Roxane packed in a wine bottle.

Dior and Château d’Yquem (Both LVMH affiliated companies) have announced their collaboration on an anti aging cream together. L’Or de Vie Anti Aging Cream utilizes the sap from the vine shoots of the Sauvignon grapes from the Château d’Yquem. Ten molecules are then extracted from the sap; these molecules have both anti-oxidizing and regenerating properties.

Bordeaux has nine thousand châteaux with some that only have a couple of acreage. Appellation laws permitting, are designers going to patronize or brand some of them for health and beauty products?

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