Monday, 17 December 2007

Crafty Casanovas

Watch out for chillies, chocolate, oysters and honey! Lore has it that Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, inventor of Corn Flakes and founder of Kellogg's cereals, knew what he was talking about when he advised nymphomaniacs to stay away from chilies. It gets the blood rushing, the heart pumping, the face flushing, and the pores sweating.

In 5th century BC, Hippocrates prescribed honey for sexual vigour. Tradition in India offers a bridegroom a gift of this sweet, golden food on his wedding day. Attila the Hun drank himself to death on mead (which is made from honey) on his wedding night.

Montezuma, the Aztec ruler supposedly drank 50 cups of chocolate each day to satisfy his harem of 600 women.

Casanova is said to have been a firm believer in oysters, eating 50 raw ones every morning in the bath with the lady he fancied at that moment. Oysters have unleashed their powers of seduction on unwitting prey and restores life to lagging libidos. Why do oysters have such an effect on people? Oysters are loaded with zinc, a key ingredient to testosterone production, and therefore sexual performance for both genders.

Chilli Wine

If you take Dr Kellogg’s advice then this is definitely a wine to spice up your life – in more ways than one! Disaster Bay Chilli Company in Australia has developed a technique for making wine from fermented chillies.

They got the initial recipe from an Aboriginal tribesman named Old Didler and experimented with it by using Jalapenos, Big Jim New Mexican chillies, fresh Cayennes, and a few Habaneros thrown in. They used a French yeast and added a little sugar, since chillies don’t have the high sugar content of grapes. The Hot Chilli wine is entirely grape free and utilises up to 9 different varieties of chillies. The resulting chilli wine tastes like a good dessert wine with a noticeable bite. The wine has a golden hue with a heat level of around 5/10. It is ideal served ice cold as a liqueur and as an accompaniment for fresh oysters or cheese. You can find it at Harvey Nichols here in the UK (

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