Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Bordeaux Style

Bordeaux has its own unique style, just like Paris. I am not talking about architecture but the essence of the place. Think of Paris and you get an image of chique, cosmopolitan elegance. Paris has a modern feel. Bordeaux is much more ancient. Think of Bordeaux and what comes to mind? Ageless grandeur and sophistication.

The first is the colour of the items. If Bordeaux had a colour what do you think it would be? Wine red? No – that’s Burgundy. Bordeaux is a metallic pearl grey. “Why this colour?” I hear you ask. It’s simple. It reflects both age and invention. It rolls the faded patina of ancient chateaux, gilded baroque grandeur and our modern steel and chrome into an image of timeless refinement. It reflects its wine . . . centuries old, the height of good taste and resplendent in its excellence. It’s not brash or nouveau riche. It’s polished and cultured, just like the pearl. A miracle of nature and treasured by man.

Both Penelope Cruz and Cate Blanchett wore dresses exhibiting this pearly opalescence and metallic sheen at the Oscars - this is classic Bordeaux style!

In the retail world, this is illustrated by lots of gleaming silver grey garments or shimmering cream or coffee cream clothes with texture on texture. This is a fashion trend that has been hotting up for sometime. The trend in textiles is toward shiny sumptuous fabrics that gleam with dusted sheen or have sheer qualities. Raw silk, glistening brocades, satin, moirés, taffetas and chiffons with luminous qualities reign supreme. With the metallic shimmer look you need minimal jewellery. The fabric becomes the personal decorative jewellery. Expect to see mixes of tulle, brocade, lace and paste jewels on fabric surfaces.

Shimmer, opalescence and evanescence have become more important as over-distressed and unwashed fabrics have become less fashionable. Why not try a little old world romantic glamour and spice up your wardrobe?

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