Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Angels, Stars and Fairies

According to the Daily Telegraph Angels are no longer popular on the tops of our Christmas Trees. Demand has fallen so much that Woolworths has dropped angel tree toppers from its shops this year. A decade ago angels were still outselling star tree toppers but now stars outsell angels more than 10-fold.

The Angel represents the Angel Gabriel who came down to earth with the news to the Shepherds of Christ's birth and the Star represents the Star of Bethlehem that lead the Three Kings to the Nativity.

Apparently the Christmas Fairy was originally a little figure of the baby Jesus. In late 17th century Germany this became a shining angel. In Victorian Britain little girls would take the angel down after Christmas and dress him up in dolls clothes. Eventually the angel evolved into the fairy. However the Fairy could hark back to pre Christian times.

We still put the fairy on top and the kids still fight on who’s going to put her up there!

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