Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Alco-pop Sake?

A Sake company has launched a new type of drink called Sake2me according to Sake2me is destined to hit the hottest spots in San Francisco and its target market is the 21 – 39 year olds. Sake2me has 4 exotic flavours.

The 6.3-ounce glass-bottled drinks blend imported "junmai," or very pure sake, with Asian flavours such as ginger-mango, Asian pear and green tea into a spritzy drink with seven percent alcohol. They'll retail in four packs for about $12.99.

The premium sake market is growing by 30% a year, with explosive demand during the past 18 months. Beer, which has always led the alcoholic beverage market, is losing share to distilled spirits and wine. And the fastest segment of the wine market is among drinkers trading upward into the premium price bracket.

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